Thursday, November 24, 2011

WAB Numidian Army

Here is just a showcase of my 2200 or so points Numidian army in battle formation. I can't take decent ARMY photos with my cheap digital camera or it can be my almost non existent photography skills. Therefore I asked my friend Alan to take photos with his much better camera and skills.

My Warhammer Ancients Numidian army composed of lots of cavalry, of course. Because of light cavalry nature of units I had to figure out the way to easily distinguish different units in clouds of skirmishing horsemen. I also didn't want to paint my units in uniform as it would be un-historical. So, I decided to just give my cavalry units uniform shields and one unit even has red dyed hair. All the models from Old Glory. Only few high command figures are from Crusader.

I have 2 distinct types of infantry: native levies and Roman trained regulars. Native levies can form up in large warbands or skirmish units. Infantry with large red shields are suppose to be imitation legionarii, small minority of infantry. Please note that I gave levies tribal looking standard and Roman trained unit has Roman looking standard. All the models are Old Glory.

Elephants are toy store beasts. During the creation of this army no manufacturer made Numidian elephant with trunk up and I had to improvise. Crew came from Rafm and RalPartha, howdahs were hand made from various materials.


  1. Very nice indeed, that's a lovely looking horde. I must admit that I am somewhat jealous - I've always fancied a Numidian army, but never got around to it.

  2. That is a very nice looking army - great looking en masse for sure. Best, Dean

  3. Nice, but paint in lighter colours! They all tend to blur into a generic brown when viewed at any distance.. and it doesn't do justice to a very nice paint job.

  4. I agree, but couldn't help with brown skin of the Numidians. That's why it was hard to take photos of the whole army as suppose to few figures under the light as I usually do.

  5. Very nice army! I've got an unpainted Numidian army mainly Renegade and Crusader figures.