Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wargames Factory Romans

Finally finished painting my box of Wargames Factory (WF) Caesarian Romans, 25 or 28mm. Box comes with enough plastic parts to make 48 Romans or 3 units of 16 with full command. It also has shield stickers for all the shields with few spare.

Figures were relatively easy to put together, but not really designed for small bases used today for wargames. Figures have wide stances and somewhat active poses that makes it difficult to rank up base to base. If correctly put together shields and weapons would stick out all over the place. It didn't really matter in my case as all my figures based on 25mm floor tiles because of this problem.

As this is one of the first WF products the figures were not perfect. Some details were soft and blended too much with background. It took extra work to paint belts, helmet cheek pieces and some other details for them to stand out. Leather mail lining was especially difficult, but that's the problem with many manufacturers. Their early 18th century infantry box is much better in this respect with much sharper details.

Special care must be taken with when applying shield stickers, read the instructions and follow them. Make sure to cut shield stickers in half and cut out space for spine and shield boss. Also cut the stickers as close as possible as all that white space is the part of the sticker. Stickers do not cover the shields exactly and some touch up needed at the edges.

Overall I am very happy with the figures. The mix up very well with other manufacturers. I will definitely buy one more box to finish my 1st century BC Roman army for Marius, Sulla, Ceasar and Spartacus revolt.