Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ancients Vendel (Molon Labe) and Old Glory

This week I painted some very nice figures from Vendel. It's not called Vendel anymore. The moulds were acquired by Sgt Major Miniatures and called Molon Labe now http://sgmm.biz/greeks.html The miniatures are Greek skirmishers also called Psiloi.
I changed lead casted spears right away as they looked too big for javelins and used florist wire to make new ones. Here is the link to a website where I posted how to make spears or javelins from florist wire: http://www.displacedminiatures.com/Igwarg/gallery/605/ The sculpting on those figures looked chunky and stiff, but they came out very well painted. There was almost no flash and enough room for shading and highlighting. I also liked that belts were strategically hidden below the folds in tunic. 8 different figures gave a good variety. Molon Labe figures are BIG, more like 30mm and may not mix with other companies, at least not in the same unit. Below is Foundry figure next to Molon Labe figure 
I also painted a set of Old Glory 25mm Cesarean Roman artillery crew.
Those are not the best OG sculpts, but not the worst. I liked the poses overall, nice details. Unfortunately, legs looked like tree trunks and leather mail lining tend to disappear all of the sudden. Also, tunic folds looked a bit random. Like almost always Old Glory figures look just fine with a decent paint job.