Thursday, November 10, 2011

16th century Western European cavalry

I had an opportunity to paint some Old Glory 16th century religious wars cavalry and Eureka conquistador cavalry, 25 or 28mm. Figures can be mixed together in one army as they belong to the same period. I'd say 1550 to 1625, give or take.

Eureka mounted arquebusiers from their Conquistadors range. I was asked not to base the figures. There are 2 poses. I wouldn't be much off if I said that those are some of the best miniatures I ever painted. Horses and general sculpting is very similar to Perry miniatures style. Details are thick enough and raised enough to make it easy to paint. Body proportions are nice, not too small, not too large. Riders fit very well on horses.

Old Glory figures are very nice, not as nice as Eureka though. Sculpting is more basic, for riders and horses. Nevertheless Old Glory mounted arquebusiers or petronel men came out very well when painted and were easy to paint. Horses and riders fit well. Weapon hands are separate and it's advisable to drill arm hole deeper rather than cutting hand sprue shorter.
Below are comparison between Eureka and Old Glory. In my opinion they can easily be mixed together in the same army if not in the same unit.

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