Saturday, January 14, 2012

Talisman Boardgame

Recently, "Fantasy Flight" company re-published old classic - "Talisman" boardgame. I was aware of the game but never played it before. Few months ago I played it for the first time and realized that I painted game pieces for one of my friends not long ago. I liked the game, it's basically sophisticated "shuts and ladders" game with adventures in a fantasy world. It has classic attributes of the genre where players control characters who travel places, encounter monsters, seek treasure, magic items and try to reach "top level" before other players.

Below, if I remember correctly, are the miniatures that came in basic set.
"Fantasy Flight" published expansions to the basic game with new characters and their own unique powers.
Some miniatures were better sculpted than others, fun to paint. Some were pretty bad, with shallow and confusing details. I just didn't feel I can do good job on them, nor did I want to. So, I did what I could.

Miniatures were made from soft rubbery plastic that didn't want to take primer/undercoat paint well. Usually, no amount of varnish can save figures like that from paint flaking off. However, after painting, I used PlastiDip clear spray. It's a rubber coating used for metal tools to provide better rubbery grip. It comes in various colors and also in clear. It works miracles on soft plastic figures and paint will not flake off after applying PlastiDip.


  1. Thanks for recommending PlastiDip. I know a few gamers who specialise in plastic figures, and they are always worried about paint flaking off the softer ones. From your photos, it looks as though it dries pretty matt. I'm thinking of buying some to seal some flocked terrain pieces; I wonder if it would work for that as well?

    1. It should. I use it for my 1/72 plastics after I flock my bases. In fact, PlastiDip can be used to seal everything, but it's more expensive at $10 a bottle compared to $3 for regular varnish. Works just like regular spray paint/varnish.

  2. Thanks! I might go for it, or see if I can source some artist's matt fixative spray. I want to avoid varnish if I can, 'cos it often dries in with a slight sheen. I don't mind that on figures, but it would probably look a bit daft on groundwork...

  3. Lovely looking minis and you´ve given them a great paintjob. I´ve never jeard of Plastidip...I´ll have to look it up...

  4. Paul,

    with all those 1/72 plastics you paint PlstiDip varnish is a must.