Monday, February 21, 2011

Belgian Darkest Africa WW1 Askari

Painted 100+ Belgian WW1 troops for a customer, part of the very large project. Great Wargames Foundry figures, probably sculpted by Mark Copplestone. Those are early Askari, in 1914 blue uniform. Some had red fez, some straw hat over the fez. I liked how some figures had the top of the straw hat missing and fez visible. Some figures have native clothing instead of pants or pants but no shirt.

Some figures are naked but with uniform fez, belt and bayonet scabbard. Apparently, fez was covered in white cloth sometimes and white pants were worn instead of blue. To add more variety I painted some figures like that and also varied colors of native skirts.
Some troops had slightly different fez. Red trim around the collar, cuff and buttons indicates askari from Haussa tribe.
Belgian Askari musicians and standard bearers had the same uniforms. I was asked not to put any standards. I suspect that excellent flags from Flag Dude will be used. Apparently, only command had rifle belts.

White officers commanded askaris. Belgian officers had blue, white or combination of blue/white uniforms. I painted blue uniforms a bit more deep than askari because of the better quality and care for the officers. I used color combinations for more variety

Figures were cast very well with some flash here and there, easy to clean. Some mould lines here and there, nothing that file or paint brush couldn't fix. Sculpting was very painter friendly with well raised details. I only had problems with painting eyes. Eye sockets were very deeply set with very large bulging pupils. That made very hard for me to paint whites of the eyes and I gave up after few tries. I painted most of the eyes with just a black dot for African troops and brown dots for white officers.

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